On July 26th, SDNYC will be holding an meeting to endorse candidates running in the NYC 2017 municipal elections. The meeting will be from 7:30-9:30pm at the LGBT Center in Manhattan. Click here to RSVP to attend (not required) & to share our meeting information on Facebook. During this meeting, candidates, current elected officials and members of SDNYC's Board of Directors will have an opportunity to briefly address our membership. Following these remarks, eligible SDNYC members will be able to vote for the candidates they recommend SDNYC endorse.

See below for more information about SDNYC's endorsement process and contact us with any questions.

  • Qualifying for Inclusion on SDNYC's endorsement ballot:
    • Candidates qualified for inclusion on SDNYC's ballot by being a incumbent that received SDNYC's endorsement during the most recent election OR by submitting SDNYC's 2017 Candidate Questionnaire. 
    • Click below to see the candidate questionnaire responses we received.
    • Endorsement Ballot: 
      • The ballot distributed at the July 26th meeting will include the following for each municipal office under consideration for endorsement:
        • If applicable, the name of the incumbent candidate, provided that candidate received SDNYC's endorsement the most recent election for their current office.
        • The name(s) of candidates who have submitted SDNYC's online questionnaire by the July 24th deadline.
        • A line for a write in candidate's name.
    • Eligibility to Vote at SDNYC's July 26th Meeting:
      • Individuals who have been dues paying members of SDNYC in 2016 or 2015, are eligible to vote so long as they have paid the Club's 2017 dues before casting their ballot (payment can submitted online or in person at the July 26th meeting).
      • Individuals who were not dues paying members of SDNYC in 2016 or 2015, must have paid the Club's 2017 membership dues on or before May 1st to be eligible to vote at the July 26th endorsement meeting.

    To pay 2017 dues and find out more about becoming a member visit  www.SDNYC.org/membership.