2020 Primary Election: State Legislature Candidates

For 34 years the Stonewall Democratic Club of NYC has played an important part in municipal, state, and federal elections.  In June New York City will be holding a primary election for State Assembly and Senate.  SDNYC will once again:

  • Question candidates on issues important to the LGBTQ Community.

  • Present candidates to our membership for endorsement votes.

  • Support our endorsed candidates in the special election.

Here is the information and dates you need to know:


Qualifying for our Endorsement Ballot:

  • All candidates must submit SDNYC's candidate questionnaire on the date listed below to be included on the endorsement ballot distributed to our membership at the endorsement meeting.

Click here to be notified when the questionnaire is available or to request more information.

April 1:  SDNYC Primary Candidate Questionnaires posted online.

April 19, midnight:  Primary Candidate Questionnaires due.*  

April 22:  Primary Election Endorsement meeting (Time and location to be confirmed)

*Any questionnaires received after this time will not be posted or made available to membership at the endorsement meeting.


Eligibility to Vote at SDNYC Endorsement Meetings:

  • Individuals who have been dues paying members of SDNYC in 2019 or 2018, are eligible to vote so long as they have paid the Club's 2020 dues before casting their ballot (payment can submitted online or in person at an endorsement meeting).

  • Individuals who were not dues paying members of SDNYC in 2019 or 2018, must have paid the Club's 2020 membership dues on or before the dates listed below to be eligible to vote at the endorsement meetings.

January 23:  Last day to become a paid member eligible to vote in the Primary Election Endorsement. Join/Renew here.

April 22:  Endorsement meeting

*This applies to new members or members who did not pay in 2018 or 2019. 2018/9 paid members may pay on the day of the endorsement meeting.

June 23: Primary Election.

Please let us know your questions:  stonewalldemocraticclubnyc@gmail.com