The Interim Public Advocate Race: Candidate Forum & Endorsement Meeting

2019 has started off with a bang:
Tish James is now the Attorney General of the state of New York.
Speaker Corey Johnson is pulling double duty as Acting Public Advocate.
And as per the City Charter, Mayor Bill de Blasio has called for a special election to elect an interim Public Advocate on Tuesday, February 26.

Candidates are gathering at least 3,750 petition signatures which are due to be turned in Monday, January 14, raising money and actively campaigning.  There could be as many as thirty candidates if all gather enough signatures.  The New York Times calls it "New York's Hottest Contest".

Who are the best candidates for LGBTQ New Yorkers?  We'll be hearing from candidates at an LGBTQ Forum on January 16th.  One week later, our members will endorse in the race at our January 23 meeting.  We've already sent questionnaires out to all candidates that have expressed interest in our endorsement.  (If you're a candidate seeking endorsement and we haven't heard from you, learn what you need to do!)

It's a big race, so we're having two separate events to best inform our members and the LGBTQ community.  


DATE:  Wednesday, January 16, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:30)
LOCATION: LGBT Center, 205 West Thirteenth Street, Room 301

The LGBTQ community demands the next Public Advocate know our issues, our community, and our needs.  To choose a candidate that can fill that role, we need to hear from them.  Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City joins forces with Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn, and the Lesbian & Gay Democratic Club of Queens to host an LGBTQ-focused candidate forum Wednesday, January 16, from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the LGBT Center, 205 West Thirteenth Street, Room 301.

Format and other details will be informed by the number of candidates participating.  We will have this information available by Saturday, January 12.  If you are a candidate who has not yet reached out for information, please let us know.

Join us next Wednesday!  For now, you can register in advance and RSVP on Facebook and help spread the word.


DATE:  Wednesday, January 23, 8 p.m. - 9 p.m.
DETAILS:  The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, 208 W 13 St, New York, NY 10011
If you are a candidate or want to vote in our endorsement meeting, find details: here.

We'll have candidates and campaign representatives speaking to you and answering your questions. Candidates seeking SDNYC endorsement will also submit responses to our candidate questionnaire which will be posted January 16 at

The meeting is free and open to members of the public so please share this invite with anyone who might be interested!  

Need to renew or want to join?  Just click below.  NOTE:  Current paid members as of January 5, 2019 (or renewing 2017/8 members) will be eligible to vote.

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Post-Election Recap: The Blue Wave and The Rainbow Wave

Thank you, Stonewall Democrat!

If you canvassed or phone banked or contributed or text banked or got the word out on social media or simply voted, you were part of The Blue Wave and The Rainbow Wave that hit on Tuesday. You have helped transform lives in the LGBTQ community both in New York and across the country.

A record number of LGBTQ candidates were elected into office throughout the U.S. including wins in state houses, for state-wide offices, and for members of Congress.  Here in New York, we saw red seats flip blue in Congressional Districts and now local Congressmembers Eliot Engel and Jerrold Nadler will take committee chairmanships. 

And in the State Senate?  Wow, what a change!  Senate Democrats have never held as strong a majority as they will in 2019.  This opens the door for forward-moving legislation in all arenas and especially for the LGBTQ Community.

For Stonewall Democrats, having endorsed and fought for the candidates that will move us forward, we'll pivot from our roles as campaign operatives to community advocates. We'll help you reach out to your state legislators to push for GENDA, a ban on conversion therapy, gestational surrogacy rights, getting benefits to LGBTQ veterans, stopping bullying of LGBTQ kids in schools and so. much. more.

Our meetings in 2019 will highlight progress we can make, better educate us those issues, and provide the tools to make change happen including postcards, making calls, and membership trips to Albany. 

With the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and a full legislative agenda, SDNYC will be buzzing with activity next year.  Can you help support us in 2019 by joining as a member/renewing your annual membership today?

In addition to being able to vote for the endorsement of the next New York City Public Advocate and other races next year, you'll receive first word on special events, and moreover, provide us the tools to advocate for LGBTQ New Yorkers as we make amazing progress in the coming year!  

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Again, thank you for all you've done to make Election Day 2018 the first big step toward progress in 2019.  Let's keep moving forward together!.