Statement on CD45 Candidate's Social Media Commentary

We are unhappy to see a social media post, even if from almost a decade past, which disparages the LGBTQ community from City Council candidate Farah Louis. The comments run contrary to her work in recent years with the community and her pledges to expand that relationship as seen in her responses to our candidate survey, posted below. This is is an opportunity for the candidate to share her story of growth, an opportunity SDNYC encourages her campaign to take.

APRIL MEETING: Council District 45 Special Election Endorsement

Join us Wednesday, April 24th for our monthly meeting with will include an endorsement vote for the Council District 45 Special Election.  We'll hear from the candidates, review their questionnaire answers, and members will vote to endorse those candidates that will be the best for the LGBTQ community.

For 33 years the Stonewall Democratic Club of NYC has played an important part in municipal, state, and federal elections. For the Public Advocate Special Election, SDNYC has presented questions to candidates on issues important to the LGBTQ Community in order to present candidates to our membership for endorsement votes. The candidates below have sought SDNYC endorsement and their questionnaire answers follow. For a better view on a mobile device, please click here.