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Banning the Gay Panic Defense

In response to the Kevin Aviance bashing and one of his assailant's claiming that Kevin came on to him, we have been working with Assemblymember Ruben Diaz, Jr. to write a bill that would ban the "Gay Panic Defense." Gay City News has picked up the story.

NYS Bill Would Ban "Gay Panic"? Defense BY ANDY HUMM

Assemblyman Ruben Diaz, Jr., a Bronx Democrat, has introduced a bill requiring judges in criminal cases to instruct juries to disregard appeals to bias and prejudice through courtroom tactics such as "panic strategies," his memorandum in support of it said. The bill, similar to one that passed the California Assembly, was introduced at the prompting of Tom Smith, former president of the Stonewall Democratic Club, after it was reported that a 16-year old arrestee in the attack on Kevin Aviance last week alleged to a TV news station that he acted after the drag singer made an inappropriate advance to him, comments that could be laying the groundwork for a so-called "gay panic" defense.


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Diaz, Jr.'s Press Release on the Gay Panic Defense Bil

Here is the press release issued by Assembly Member Ruben Diaz, Jr. to ban the gay panic defense. The assembly member was urged to have this legislation written and introducted by SDNYC.

A huge priority for us next year will be pressing for the passage of this bill.



Key Legislation Would Instruct Juries to Ignore Appeals to Bias or Prejudice.


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Gay Panic Defense Bill Text

The bill we've been working on with Assemblymember Ruben Diaz, Jr. is available online on the following site:

Enter bill number A12079.

The full text of the bill is after the jump.

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We are working on banning the "gay panic" defense. Check out the other entries in this section for more information.


Marriage Equality
Stonewall Democrats of NYC has always supported the right to marry for same-sex couples. The Club officially went on record in 1999 to support this very important right for our community.

Transgender Equality
Stonewall Democrats of NYC has always supported the right for transgender people to live without fear of discrimination in housing, the workplace and in all areas of society. We have strongly supported the inclusion of transgender people in the Human Rights Law of New York City leading up to the vote in 2002. We urge the Mayor to enforce the law to its full potential.