Why I Support SDNYC & Hope You Will Too

Good Evening,

I know it is the end of the day and that you are likely very busy so I will get right to the point. My name is Rose Christ and I have the honor of serving as the President of Stonewall Democratic Club of NYC (SDNYC). I am reaching out to ask you to join me in supporting the important work being done by SDNYC’s Membership and Board by becoming a 2018 dues paying member and/or making a donation today.  
Ready to support SDNYC? Great - just click these links to become a dues paying member of SDNYC and to make a donation!

Need to know more before committing to support SDNYC? No problem – just scroll down for information about why I choose to support SDNYC and why the Club is asking for your help today!

Why I Choose to Support SDNYC:
As someone who lives in this great City and who is privileged to both see and personally benefit from the advancements the LGBT community has made in New York, thanks in part to SDNYC's tireless advocacy, I feel a great debt of gratitude to this Club and I am proud to do what I can to ensure SDNYC has the resources to continue to push for expanded protections, rights, services, and opportunities for LGBT New Yorkers. For these reasons and many others, I choose to personally contribute to support SDNYC and hope that you will join me by becoming 2018 dues paying member and/or making a donation today.  

Why SDNYC Needs Your Support:
It’s been less than a year since Donald Trump took the oath of office but in that short period of time, the President and those close to his Administration have launched a steady stream of attacks against the LGBT community and emboldened the actions of bigots and homophobes. It is clear, that the Trump Administration is committed to stripping our community of the rights that have been secured through decades of tireless activism and that the White House will seek to obstruct any efforts to protect those in our community who are most likely to face discrimination and too often, violence.
As the New York’s largest LGBT-Democratic Club, it is SDNYC’s duty to be on the forefront fighting for LGBT rights. However, for SDNYC to be able to live up to this humbling responsibility, we need your help, especially given the challenges we are facing in today’s political environment. Can we count on you to help us by becoming a becoming 2018 dues paying member and/or making a donation today?

How Your Support Will Help SDNYC:
Your support will help SDNYC to host monthly public meetings, to advocate for the LGBT community year-round and in all five boroughs, and to engage new members in our efforts through special events (like our upcoming free annual winter celebration – invite below!).  In addition your support will help SDNYC to

  • Respond in real time when those in power attack our community’s rights by organizing rallies and public actions that make sure our demands for equality and respect are heard from Christopher Street to Trump Tower to the White House and all the way to Mar-a-Lago;
  • Draw attention to actions that discriminate against LGBT New Yorkers and seek justice for those affected by individual bias and/or systemic inequality;
  • Demand that more is done to stem violence against LGBT New Yorkers, particularly transgender members of our community who are too often the targets of violent hate crimes; and
  • Continue to do all we can to amplify the voices of historically underrepresented members of the LGBT community including calling on our local leaders to do everything in their power to support those most in need of protection from an increasingly hostile Federal government.

We are ready to double down on our efforts -- but we can't do it without our friends and champions. So please sign up to become a 2018 dues paying member today and consider donating whatever you can to support SDNYC’s work on behalf of LGBT New Yorkers in all five boroughs.

Thank you for being an important part of the SDNYC community. I look forward to continuing to work together to advance the needs of LGBT New Yorkers Citywide and I sincerely appreciate your support.
With gratitude,

Rose Christ
Stonewall Democratic Club of NYC