SDNYC Statement on New White House Policy for Transgender Troops

In response to Trump’s announcement that the administration will ban most transgender persons from military service, SDNYC releases this statement:

“Transgender service members wear the uniforms of our nation’s military with honor, pride, and distinction.  The Trump/Pence administration know nothing about honor or public service, only about exploiting our transgender heroes in order to further promote their agenda of division and hate.  Our military is one of voluntary service, where our most dedicated citizens answer the call to serve; transgender patriots are willing to serve and give their lives to keep America strong.  Institutionalizing bigotry hampers our military and weakens our nation.

“Military officials and the courts have spoken against and stricken down Trump’s previous iterations of intolerance.  This new policy is no different.  SDNYC will continue to proudly support all of our patriots in uniform.”