SDNYC Statement re: Council Member Cabrera


Contact: Eunic Ortiz, President, Stonewall Democrats of NYC
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NYC Council Member Fernando Cabrera Continues History of Anti-LGBTQ Antics

Cabrera Caught Making Public Statements Against Transgender Community and
Comparing Same-Sex Marriages to Child Marriage

New York, NY – Council Member Fernando Cabrera made international news in 2014 when a video of him praising Uganda’s anti-LGBT laws became public YouTube. Time and time again, after the video was widely viewed, the Council Member pleaded that he was not against the LGBT community and that he supported his LGBT constituents.

The Council Member continues to use his public personal Facebook page to consistently say and share anti-LGBT and anti-abortion comments and articles. Cabrera went as far to defend anti-equality legislation, including calling for the shutdown of Planned Parenthood, lambasting Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, and equating same-sex marriage to marrying children.

“The consistent stream of anti-LGBT and anti-abortion comments and views by Council Member Cabrera are disgusting and do not represent the views of all New Yorkers,” said Eunic Ortiz, President of Stonewall Democrats. “Fernando Cabrera’s social media posts confirm his oppressive views towards our community. As a citywide LGBT Democratic organization in New York City, we believe that Cabrera’s positions on marriage equality and other progressive issues, including reproductive healthcare and choice, make him an unacceptable and dangerous choice for our community. His values are not New York values.

“The Stonewall Democratic Club of NYC is urging Bronx residents in the 33rd state senate district to reject candidate Fernando Cabrera, who has made it clear that he is not in favor of equality for LGBT, women, or New Yorkers of color.”

In June 2015, Cabrera posted an article titled “Former Johns Hopkins Chief of Psychiatry DESTROYS ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner”. In the comments on Facebook, Cabrera goes as far as to compare the concept of homosexuality with incest and pedophilia: “Redefinition of marriage has no logical stopping point. Its logic leads to the effective elimination of marriage as a legal institution. If marriage is just between person(s) who just love each other, why not polygamy or marrying a daughter/son or a thirteen year old?”

Cabrera has also continued rhetoric on his public personal Facebook page that “Redefinition of marriage has no logical stopping point...why not polygamy or marrying daughter/son or a thirteen year old?”“Equality’ is an insufficient argument in support of SSM” (referring to same-sex-marriage), and that “there is no research to support the biological original of homosexuality”. He has also compared Planned Parenthood to the Nazis, and called for the organization to be shut down.  

 All of these statements indicate an attitude that is not only hateful, but downright dangerous for the LGBT individuals and other members of the community that he claims to represent.


See below for documentation of Cabrera's recent use of offensive language and endorsement of Anti-LGBT practices.
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