Letter from SDNYC Club President: Together, we'll fight Trump. And win!

Friends - 

We knew our community would have a fight on its hands from the moment Donald Trump took the oath of office on January 20th. Since that day, the onslaught has been endless and it isn't stopping. We need to prepare for the long-haul and we need your support.

Just this week, the Trump administration killed a Census Bureau proposal that, for the first time ever, counted LGBT people during the 2020 Census. This comes on the heels of the Trump removing all LGBT questions from the National Older Americans Survey. By not counting us, they are trying to hide the size and strength of the LGBT community. We fought hard for the recognition and rights we have today, and we will not let the Trump administration drive us back into the shadows of the closet. We must push back by being out, loud, and proud. 

Trump's team is doing everything it can to chip away at the advances of the past 60 years -- you see it in the anti-immigration raids, discriminatory executive actions, and of course the outrageous promotion of lies designed to divide our country. New York cannot stand for this, and we must respond and resist. As the city's largest LGBT-Democratic club, SDNYC must ensure our community is at the forefront of that resistance.

As members, we can organize and hold meetings. But we need to be able to do more. 

With your support, we can organize rallies that make our collective voices heard from Christopher Street to Trump Tower to the White House and all the way to Mar-a-Lago.

With your support, we can hold our elected officials accountable to make sure they are doing all they can to protect us from an increasingly hostile Federal government.

Stonewall has been fighting for our community for decades and we are ready to double down on our efforts -- but we can't do it without your contribution of $10, $20 or more today.

Together, we'll fight Trump. And win.

Thank you,

Rose Christ, President SDNYC